How do you clean your phone case?

Many people choose for a phone case.Whether this is to protect or appearance. But a nice case can also get quite dirty. It is a real source of bacteria.

We give you some tips to clean your phone case.  

Maybe you think it’s time for a new case, because it doesn’t look so fresh anymore. On the back of your case you will see that there may be a small print of your fingers on it.

Don’t throw it away! Try cleaning the case thoroughly first. It will probably be fine after that!

A lot of bacteria can settle in and around the case. You probably carry your phone everywhere you go. In your bag, in your jacket or in your pocket. Even going to the bathroom is impossible for some without a phone.

If you have changed your phone case, you will probably recognize that a lot of dirt always collects on the back. It is therefore certainly important to give your case a good refresher every now and then. You can start with a disinfectant wipe. Do this weekly and give your case a thorough cleaning.

There are many different types of covers. We try to name as many cases as possible with the best cleaning tips!

Make sure that you only put the case back when it is really dry!

The Silicone phone cases.

These covers are often made of soft and bendable material. These covers are easy to clean with a wet cloth and with a little washing up liquid on it. Make sure you don’t use an aggressive cleaning agent. This can damage your case more than cleaning it.

You can also wash your case in the machine. Do this at a maximum of 30 degrees, otherwise there is a chance that the cover will discolor or deform. 

Phone cases made of hard material.  

These cases you can not bend. Try cleaning it with a damp cloth (don’t make it too wet!) You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub a little on areas that are really dirty. Pay special attention to the edges.

Phone and wallet in one

These cases are widely used. A case where you have your most used cards together. Cards behind your phone is one of the largest sources of bacteria and viruses. These cases are often made of real or fake leather. Cleaning can be done with a damp cloth and afterwards you can use shoe polish to make the case shiny again.

The transparant covers

These are the cases that discolor the most. You have transparent covers in multiple colors. Most people who use a transparent case with their phone will probably recognize that they will turn yellow. And that you will get those beautiful fingerprints on the back.

You may have tossed these cases in the trash if this happened to you. But they can be saved.

What do you need; toothpaste water and cornstarch. Make a mixture of this and use an old toothbrush to clean the case. After that, your case will look like new again. Then rinse well and let it dry.

Another option is baking soda or cola. You also use the toothbrush for this.

Hopefully our tips will help you and you will be able to hit the streets again with a clean case!


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