Which materials are the Candy Case covers made of?

How nice that you are delving into our Candy Case covers. We would like to tell you here what our covers are made of and why we have chosen this materials.

Unfortunately, everyone drops their phone from time to time, sometimes nothing is wrong, but sometimes your phone can be completely broken in a fall. That is why we always recommend a case. We currently have different types of covers in our collection. The covers we currently sell are made of Silicone and TPU. The covers in these materials ensure that your phone gets the best possible protection with a nice appearance!

We call these phone cases soft case covers. The covers are nice in the hand, and also ensure that your phone can be used optimally. The material ensures that your phone receives good protection when you accidentally dropped it.

* The chance of cracks in your screen, for example, is always reduced by using a case. It does not guarantee that it will not break. For extra protection of your screen you can use our screen protector!

In addition to soft case, you also have hard case covers, which we do not have at the moment. We have chosen not to have this in our collection yet because the chance that the case will come loose or break if you drop your phone is much higher. We at Candy Case want that our cases offer the best protection that’s possible.

Het materiaal TPU.

TPU is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic Polyurethane. It is a material that describes itself as a perfect combination between hard plastic and silicone. TPU is often used as the base material for protective cases.

Advantages of TPU cases. This combination of materials ensures that TPU is very flexible but retains its shape. And can’t really be broken. It also does not attract dust and hardly scratches. TPU covers are available in different colors but can also be transparent.

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