Why do you need a screen protector on your iPhone?

With us you can find the nicest phone cases and accessories. But an extra protection for your phone is always handy! Your phone’s screen is one of the most fragile things on a phone.

With a nice functional case you can go a long way, but protecting your screen is also easy to do and can ensure that your phone stays beautiful for longer.

What do a screen protector do?

Every phone user will recognize that sometimes there are scratches or cracks on the screen of their phone. Unfortunately, scratches come in faster than you want. Think of keys that go along your screen when your phone is in your bag, or earrings that leave small scratches because of the phone call. And think that a very simple fall can destroy your entire screen.

Our tip; not only use a case, also choose a screen protector.

With a screen protector you will be spared most scratches, and the chance that your screen will crack is a lot smaller. The thin ”layer” that you place over your screen is hardly noticeable. If it breaks or is no longer as beautiful, you can simply replace it. And this is a lot faster and cheaper than a new phone!

Our different screen protectors.

At Candy Case we also sell screen protectors.

Glass pro + Screen
protector iPhone An extra protection, due to the glass layer that you place on your screen. Happy because of the thin layer

An extra protection, due to the glass layer that you place on your screen. Thanks to the thin layer, your phone will still function fully. The screen protector is easy to apply. There is a self-adhesive layer on it. The accessories are included.

Pay attention; These screen protectors have a black thin edge. And that is why these can only be used with black iPhones.

iPhone Glass screen protector.
This screen protector provides an extra layer of glass on your screen. This protects your screen well. You can easily apply it yourself with a self-adhesive layer. This screen protector absorbs 5 times more than other protective layers. The glass is very thin, so you won’t notice during use that there is an extra layer on it.

Mobilize Clear 2 each Screen Protector Apple iPhone.
This screen protector is the thinnest way to keep your screen scratch-free. The layer is 100% transparent and therefore almost invisible. You will not notice any difference while using your iPhone. The foil layer is easy to apply due to the auxiliary materials that are supplied with it. Before placing the layer on your screen, make your screen dust- and grease-free with a microfibre cloth. With the scraper you can get rid of any air bubbles and you get a nice and smooth result. The Mobilize Clear Screen Protector comes in a duo pack and is available for different iPhone models.

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