A colored charger completes your collection!

When you buy a new iPhone, you will receive the white charger as standard. A bit boring, because we like colors here.
You can use a nice case that matches your outfit or a combination of happy colors, a colored charger is indispensable. That is why we are very happy to tell you that we recently also have a number of iPhone chargers in the colors of our cases.


At the moment in our collection 3 colors. Lilac, pink and green. And let’s face it, they are fantastic. Of course we don’t have to explain to you why you need a charger. At the end of the day or perhaps earlier, your phone really needs a recharge.

But you may recognize that several people in the house have the same chargers, how do you keep them apart? That is why, in addition to a nice appearance, this is also a practical solution for you!

What are our cables made of?
The cable is made of strong silicone. This material ensures that your cable lasts a long time.
They provide a super fast charging time. The chargers can be used for iPhone but also for your iPad.
The cables are 1.2 meters, very long and handy if your socket is not directly nearby.

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