Cases in the colors of summer 2022

Nowadays there are a lot of bright and fun colors found in clothing stores for example. Popular colors for this summer in 2022 are bright pink, striking yellow, purple, orange and many more! Candy Case provides the nicest cases to match with your summer outfits! Take a look at our cases in the colors of the summer of 2022.

1. Candy Case Peach

Candy Case Peach iPhone hoesje

This nice soft peach is the perfect pastel color. Match away with your new favorite case! The case is made from the material TPU, which provides great protection for your iPhone.

2. Candy Crossbody Pink

Candy Crossbody Pink iPhone hoesje

The Candy Crossbody is definitely one of our favorites. Thanks to the practical design you will never have to worry about losing or dropping your phone! You can carry your phone like a bag or around your neck and have easy access at all times. The light pink color is easily styleable with accessories and gives a pop of color to your outfits!

3. Candy Pro Yellow

Candy pro yellow iPhone hoesje

Hello sunshine! Are you someone that loves to stand out from the crowd? If so, the Candy Pro Yellow case is your ideal case for this summer! The case is made from the material TPU and is comfortable to hold. What outfit are you picking to match with this case?

4. Candy Deluxe Purple

Candy Deluxe Purple iPhone hoesje

Grant yourself some luxury in your life with the Candy Deluxe Purple iPhone case! The stunning purple case allows great protection of your device while also giving your phone a fantastic appearance. Next to that, the case is completely vegan and has a soft inside material. How ideal!

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