Bundle deal: Candy Halo Love + Candy phonecord


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Bundle deal: Candy Halo Love + Candy phonecord


We have a super cool promotion for you! You can now buy your latest iPhone case Candy Love in a bundle offer together with the Candy Telephone Cord. Combine the model of your choice and the cord of your choice and take advantage of the bundle promotion.

The Candy Halo Love is a soft case cover with a holographic look and feel and a cool print. From every angle you look at it, the color is slightly different. It is slightly transparent, so that the color of your phone still shows through. The raised edges ensure that your phone is optimally protected.


  • Flexible Push Buttons
  • 360 degrees full protection
  • Soft TPU
  • Easy to clean
  • Shockproof

The Candy telephone cord is the ideal accessory for when you wear an outfit without pockets or when you don’t have a bag with you. The nice thing about the cord is that you can use it whenever it suits you. The cord comes with a patch that you put in your phone and then hook the cord to it. This way you can use your phone case with and without a cord.

The cord is available in the colors Mint, Petrol, Pink and Multicolor. Combine your favorite color with the Candy Halo Love.


  • Nylon
  • Universal
  • Adjustable cord
  • Cord 160 cm
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